Your little one will love dancing through a pink sky to the unicorn’s magical castle in the clouds! Tiny dancers will tip toe on sparkly rainbows and soar through cotton candy clouds as magical unicorns and royal princesses in this sweet dance camp for ages 3 to 6! This magical camp is full of all things unicorn, princess, dancing, games, glittery crafts and even a rainbow tea party! It’s sure to be a magical time for your special dancer!

Any dancer who loves Disney’s Frozen II will surely not be bothered by the cold in this fun, fancy and frozen dancing journey! This frozen adventure takes tiny dancers on a fanciful expedition into the unexplored through ballet and creative movement. Dancers will twirl around shiny icicles, play in the snowy blizzard and dance in Elsa’s sparkling ice castle in this dance camp for ages 3 to 6! Full of whimsy, wit, adventure, fancy frocks, frozen crafts and more, this camp will crystallize into pure frozen fun!

The first 20 kids to register save $100 on all camps! (Only 7 spots remain for this special offer!)

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